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Strategic Information Resources offers a full range of I.T. Services.

Outsourced I.T.
We know how difficult it can be for a small and medium size business to manage its own information technology needs. If you are a new or growing business that has gotten to the point of needing some assistance or an established company that has trouble managing its I.T. staff, Strategic Information Resources can help. We specialize in bringing an expertise to managing I.T. From internet issues to document management issue to email systems, we will use our 25 years of experience to find the right solutions for your company and manage them on an ongoing basis. Our Outsourced I.T. Services include:

  1. Hosted Exchange Email:
    1. Email is critical to most businesses.  We are Hosted Exchange Email Experts.  We can implement a hosted Exchange Email Solution and migrate your current email over to the new hosted cloud solution.
    2. Strategic Information Resources will implement Office 365 or Appriver's Exchange Solution for the best email fit for your business.
    3. Over 200 million users (75% of all businesses) use Exchange Email.  Exchange is the industry leader in email simply because it is the best system available.
    4. Hosted Exchange Email provides the best email performance for any PC or Mac system.  
      Features of Hosted Exchange Email Include:
      1. Synchronization:
        1. Exchange Hosted Email will sync your Email Inbox, Email Folders, Contacts, Calendars and Tasks to all of your devices.
        2. If you add a contact on your Smart Phone, it will automatically sync to your computers and vice versa.  No data is lost and all information remains in sync.
        3. Devices that Synchronized include:
          1. Desktop Computer(s)
          2. Notebook Computer(s)
          3. Smart Phone (IOS, Android, Blackberry)
          4. Web Portal (Outlook Web App) for accessing your mailbox from any Web Browsers
      2. Branded Exchange Email:
        1. Professional businesses will always put their brand name forward whenever possible to "get the word out" about their company
        2. Hosted Exchange Email allows you to use your own custom domain name (i.e. steve@{companyname}.com) for your email address instead of using a public consumer email address like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
      3. Backup:
        1. Hosted Exchange Email is always backed up and sync'd to a central bank of servers.
        2. Should a computer get stolen or a hard drive fail, a user will not lose any email, email folders, contacts, calendar events or tasks.  All of the data will have been synchronized to the server.
        3. The user can simply log into another computer using the Outlook Web App (OWA) and get all of the information from the mailbox.  The user can also purchase a replacement device, put in the username and password and be up and running on the new device right where the person left off.  No importing, no lost contacts.
        4. Hosted Exchange Email also provides a hidden 14 day buffer from deleted email, contacts, calendars or tasks. 
          1. An example of how this can be a huge benefit is that if a person intentionally or by mistake gets a hold of a person's computer and deletes all of the contacts from Outlook then empties the trash, all of the deleted data can be recovered within 14 days.  This featured has saved many of our current clients from lost or destroyed critical information.
      4. Sharing of Calendars, Contacts and Email Boxes:
        1. Hosted Exchange Email allows for a company to share individual or group (Public Folder) calendars directly from within Outlook
        2. Users can also delegate control of their mailbox to others (assistants) using Hosted Exchange Email
        3. A company can share a single or multiple Contact Databases will all or just some users. 
        4. Group Email Boxes can be setup to allow incoming email to go to multiple users.
      5. Industrial Strength Security and Spam Filtering:
        1. Appriver SpamLab Quarantine spam filtering is the best in the business.
        2. A full time staff manages the SpamLab to remove harmful viruses, malware and annoying marketing email from your inbox
        3. Harmful emails are usually identified quickly and removed from the entire system.  This is a critical step in keeping your network safe.
      6. Traveling, No More "Outgoing Mail Server" issues
        1. Some older technology email accounts using POP or IMAP protocols (Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, iCloud) replay on older and outdated technologies to send and receive email.
        2. Hosted Exchange uses a proprietary technology (MAPI) that gets rid of confusing Outgoing and Incoming Mail Server settings.  To setup an account, clients simply add the email to their Outlook client or their smart phones with their usernames and passwords.  Once that is done, as long as the user has a good internet connection, Hosted Exchange email will connect from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.
      7. Archiving Solutions for Email:
        1. As mailboxes become very large, the amount of data to synchronize becomes harder to deal with. 
        2. The solution is to use one of our Archiving Solutions that we can bundle with Hosted Exchange.  That can include Office 365 Plan E3 Native Archiving up to Fully Compliant Global Relay Archiving.

  2. Microsoft Server Implementations:
    1. Server 2012 R2 Host Servers with Hyper-V Virtualization
      1. Active Directory Design and Implementation
      2. Hyper-V Remote Desktop Installations so a virtual workforce can access the company's systems from anywhere in the world.
    2. Microsoft Exchange Server On Site Installations
    3. Microsoft SQL Server
    4. Apple OS X Server

  3. Security Solutions, Firewalls, AntiVirus, Malware:
  4. Meraki Firewall Solutions featuring the UTM Security Bundle for protecting an entire network at the router level
  5. Backup Solutions:

  6. Quickbooks Implementations:

  7. Cloud Based Solutions:
    1. Sharepoint
    2. OneNote
    3. Microsoft OneDrive
    4. Sharefile by Citrix
    5. Sugarsync
    6. Syncplicity by EMC